Gal Hamo


Gal Hamo

Gal Hemo is a versatile video editor with a unique point of view - focused on story and powered by his personal aesthetics. He has a musician’s natural sense of rhythm, and as an accomplished drummer, rhythm flows in his veins. Gal’s ability to match the right soundtrack to the right project helps him find intelligent and aesthetic solutions .to the tricky challenges that typify the editing process

Gal began his career as a photographer. He served in the military as a stills photographer for the prestigious Air Force magazine. Later he studied photography at .Hadassah College in Jerusalem, and film studies at Tel Aviv University

As a stills photographer his work had a fantastical dimension; he tended to direct his photographs, working extensively with lighting and actors. Over the years, Gal’s passion for the story of a single frame developed into video, and eventually shifted from the camera to the keyboard: now he continues telling stories as an editor, where his experience as a photographer gives him a unique perspective on the power of the frame.

Thanks to his experience behind the camera, Gal prefers to be involved in projects well before they reach the post production stage. His guiding principle is story first - every tool at the filmmaker’s disposal is there to support this. He believes that every project, whether a feature film or a short commercial, has many ways of  telling its .story. To find it, one must be attuned to the needs of the project while relying on intuition and experience