Ben Bachar

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Ben Bachar

If you watched Israel’s leading comedy television show, “Eretz Nehederet,” in the past few years, you couldn’t have missed the comic talent of director Ben Bachar. Bachar directed for six seasons as the show became the country’s lightning rod for cultural and political satire.

Bachar is working with the famous Ma Kashur comedy trio for several years, co-creating and directing their sketch television show “The Israelis,” a TV mega-hit with unprecedented ratings. He also co-created the cult series Zanzuri (Yes TV), and directed the comedy series Malabi Express (Channel 10).

Ben Bachar’s feature-length debut, “The Last Band in Lebanon” (United King Films) opened in theaters across Israel to rave reviews in October 2016 and has already sold  over 300,000 tickets (a blockbuster by Israeli standards).

Ben began his career as a video editor and screenwriter in television, and moved on to direct commercials and promos. His directing work on promos for shows like X-Factor, The Voice, and The Amazing Race have earned him international awards.